Re-Upload of edited pictures PROFESSIONAL FEATURES

Re-Upload of edited pictures

1 Month
Scaled prices
Amount Scaled prices
from 6 Months 7.11 EUR
from 12 Months 6.40 EUR
from 24 Months 5.69 EUR


excl. 16 % VAT.
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Ready for shipping, ships within 24h Mo-Thu


This feature enables you to:

  • upload an edited 360 photo to the Panono Cloud
  • insert your own logo at the nadir where the tripod was
  • remove unwanted objects; accentuate wanted objects
  • change brightness / contract / white balance etc.
  • please note that all editings need to be performed by you with your image editing software (Photoshop, GIMP, Lightroom, Affinity Photo...)

Here is an example showing how to remove the tripod with Photoshop and using the re-upload: